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She’s My Addiction

I fell in love with whisky from the very taste
I’ve been so drunk I’ve fell right on my face
When I decided I had enough
I quit that easy but that aint us

I like a beer cold and ready at the end of a long work day
But if I drink one I drink the whole damn case
When the Dr. said Id better give it up
I quit that easy but that aint us

I know she’s poison in my blood
She’s the one thing I fight I cant give up
I know Ive got to have her no matter what
She’s my addiction she’s my drug

I like to see the cards fall and the dice roll my way
I bet a weeks pay check on a three hour football game
But when the risk of loosing it all aint worth the rush
I kicked that easy but that aint us

Just like a pill she makes me high
But the come down aint worth the ride