From the recording Away I Go (Download)

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Written by: Kenny Strickland

If I ran into you what would I say
Would I pretend that everything’s ok
Not let you know you tore my heart to pieces
Would I say I’m glad for you

I heard from friends you already found somebody
Didn’t take you long, now did it
They say y’all hang out the same places we use to, well
If you are happy I don’t want to see it

So put me on a west plane, take me to California
Far away as I can get from here
Where I won’t see no pine trees
Or dark haired Southern girls
And maybe for a while I won’t go crazy
Get me out of here
Don’t bring me down- don’t bring me down
Yea don’t bring me down, don’t bring me down

Well, I’ll just roam around that big ole city
Nothing but concrete all around
They say west coast girls are mostly blonde haired beauties
And Georgia trees can’t grow in California ground

(Repeat Chorus)

And leave my broken heart in Georgia
Then maybe I won’t think about you

(Repeat Chorus)

©2011 Trotken Publishing, ASCAP