1. In My Truck

From the recording Away I Go (Download)

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In My Truck
Written by: Kenny Strickland

Here it is midnight
We’ve been sitting in my truck all night
Talkin’ bout things about life
Anything we can think of

Wanting to kiss you
I can't tell if you want me to
I keep thinking that I ought try
Before I run out of time

I’m runnin through the radio
Looking hard for somethin’ slow
That says what I'm feeling inside
So can let you know

I'm falling in love, I got my heart thumpin’
Like a stadium rumbling about kick-off time
My hands are shakin’
I got plans a makin’
Starting the rest of our lives, in my truck tonight

How’d I get this lucky
I owe someone a big thanks
They set such a beautiful scene
In the seat beside me

I never thought a boy like me
Could ever get a girl like you
So perfect the way you look
And still so sweet inside

(Repeat Chorus)

I think I just found that song
I hope it’s just begun
Hope it goes on and on and on

(Repeat Chorus)

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