1. The Beach Song

From the recording Away I Go (Download)

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The Beach Song
Written by: Kenny Strickland

She always loved the ocean
And the way it made her feel
The way the water and the beach sand brushed up on her heels
The sun up on her face
Made her feel like she was new
And now that life has come between us
I think I know what we should do

Let's go back down to Destin
Or maybe Gulf Shores, Alabam
Hey we’ll do some deep sea fishin’
Or we’ll just lay out on the sand
We’ll act like Jimmy Buffet
With margaritas in our hands
And by that first day’s sunset
I bet we'll be in love again

Let's jump back in the water
Go as far as we ever have
Don't worry about tomorrow,
Hey, let’s don't think about the past
Drink Coke’s and Captain Morgans
Dance to the local bands
In no time at all
We’ll be back like we both planned

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

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