1. Anchor

From the recording Away I Go (Download)

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Written by: Kenny Strickland

I’ve always kind of been a rambler
No one could ever hold me down
But somethin’ changed when she found me
She turned my ramblin’ ways around

She always loved when we’d go fishin’
She’d bring the lunch, I’d bring the poles
One day we were on that water
And I finally got the nerve to let her know

I said, like an anchor on this boat
I’ll hold you tight and strong and not let go
We’ll drift away all our days on our love
‘Til the tide takes us home

I never thought I’d get this crazy
I never thought I’d lose my mind
I’ve always lived the life of “nothing steady”
But this time things are different
I don’t know why

(Repeat Chorus)

There’ll be times out on our journey
When I’ll have to leave you all alone
But don’t you dare start to worry
Cause I’ll always come back home

(Repeat Chorus)

©2011 Trotken Publishing, ASCAP