1. You Don't

From the recording Away I Go (Download)

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You Don't
Written by: Kenny Strickland

Sometimes when we’re alone, I wonder what you’re thinking
When your eyes gaze out, far away from me
You sort of turn away, when I reach in to kiss ya
Like there’s somewhere else you wanna be

You can’t take the wind
And control which way it blows
You can’t guess someone’s hand, when nothin’ shows
You don’t trust in strangers
Cause there’s too much you don’t know
You can’t make someone love you who don’t
And you don’t

I use to think that I was all you wanted
I use to think I gave you all you need
But I see now that you long for somethin’ different
Someone else, not me

(Repeat Chorus)

So run away and leave me here stranded
All you do is take

(Repeat Chorus)

©2011 Trotken Publishing, ASCAP