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She's Gonna Make It Alright
Written by: Kenny Strickland

I hit that lonely road that takes me back again tonight
Another all night drive and I’ll be home before light
Three weeks of runnin’ has really run me down
Another hundred miles and I’ll be headed into town

So I keep burning the wheels off this truck
I’m turning the volume on the radio up
Nothin’ here’s gonna slow me down
‘Til I’m back with her safe and sound
And I’ll leave these troubles out on the road
Damn this hard rain and damn this cold
When I finally hold her tight, she’s gonna make it alright

Feels like forever since I last saw her face
All this time without her don’t you know I just can’t take
When she puts her arms around me
That’s when I know I’m home
Heaven’s gonna find me, I know it won’t be long

(Repeat Chorus)

I’m rolling down like thunder before a raging storm
Every minute on this highway
Puts me closer in her arms

(Repeat Chorus)

©2011 Trotken Publishing, ASCAP